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Framerate limiter turning off - FFVII

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Hey all,

Every nown and again when I play FFVII, the frame rate limiter suddenly turns off by itself, and I start getting crazy speeds. Since I can't adjust the video settings in-game, I have to restart the emulator (which can be annoying if i'm in between saves).

However, I noticed that if I simply "Esc" back to the GUI, then continue the game, the speed returns to normal (the music plays at regular speed). EXCEPT, the entire screen goes black and remains black so I can't see anything. This, again, forces a restart.

I am running the linux version of ePSXe 1.6,, with a GF 5600 Ultra graphics card.

I've tried both playing FFVII from disk (I have the original copy) and ripping it to ISO - both do the same.

Thanks for your help. BTW, great job on a fantastic piece of software!

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I agree with Hatman. many of the posts you're making are either super generic help that doesnt really do anything, or uninformed. and posts like that are just ridiculous and pointless. so, i am officially warning you, give help only when you know what you're talking about ;) until then, browse a little and learn a little.
I have worked with every operating system except Linux and Unix.
so uh... Mac OS and Windows? i guess OS/2, Beos...oh there are plenty of OSes out there. the point is, just because you used them all doesnt mean you're an expert with them. and your posts certainly reveal that you basically have no idea what you're talking about.

make it look like this: "*FL<" (it could be "FL*<" too, I don't remember)
you know, you could always fire up ePSXe for like 30 seconds and just see what it says. see, this is where the line is between "good advice" and "crap post". you just suppose, guess, and BS on all your threads. i mean, i picture you chilling at your computer with your feet on your desk and the keyboard on your lap, that's how laid back you are. you know? nothin' wrong with chilling and just BSing---except when people are trying to get help. like ive posted to you before, we have an Open Discussion section where you can BS all you like.
um, yes, you ARE BSing it, because you were like "uhh. its like this..or something else...whatever" which is a pretty good example of BSing if i ever saw one.

and look, you're at a computer. ePSXe and its plugins are less than 5mb. even with 56k, you could quickly download an emulator and plugins if you really cared about giving genuine help to people. but, it seems like you dont, eh?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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