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Hello everyone

I have a problem (I would say it is not major but...annoying)
the framebuffering in epsxe w/ pete s OGL 1.48 doesn t work!!!!!
although it works w/ emulated vram mode , the faq say that it should perfectly work w/ a mine.
the problem is, when the framebuffer appears (like the whirl in ff9 before battles)
it is done at only 1 fps or 0 sometimes!!!!!!!!(w/ the gfx card buffer)
So i m forced to set it to "black"
and so, no effect at all :(

pIII 733
128 mb
Geforce 256
Sound Blaster 512

Strange isn t it????

Please...someone help me!

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Just one question: are you using antialiasing?
If you do then this is your problem.
FSAA greatly slows down the whirl effect in FF9.
Set it to Gfx card buffer and Offscreen Drawing to Enhanced.
You won't see the whirl effect but most others effect will be here and at full speed.
Oh!And what are your Gfx card drivers?
Try to use the 12.00.
Get them at:

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Thanks a lot for the site!!
(I had only the 631 b version :(
very old isn t it???
While downloading I write so I ll post the result later...
Well yes i use the fsaa and how can i without heh??
I play at 640x480 and OGL 2x2 FSAA (best result w/ that than 800x600 :)
I was also thinking of vagrant story....
almost all of the cut scenes are w/ the framebuffering...
and I hope that it will work ;)

Thanks a lot mate!
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