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Framebuffer effects are slow and so are some Final Fantasy magic spells

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Okay, I've a question about the framebuffer effects on FFVII. I currently use Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.7 with full framebuffer emulation enabled ("3" in the Framebuffer effects settings). Now in the past, framebuffer in the FFVII world-to-battle transition swirl ran full speed and went in to battle with no slow down during/after the swirl effect. But now, with the same videocard, the FPS dips to less than 50 for about six or so seconds; but as soon as the camera stops moving, the speed goes back to 60. Now for various FFIX spells, such as the ones that slow the real PSX game down used to go fine, but now they are noticeably slower. I apologize if this doesn't make sense, but this really annoys me.

GFX Card: eVGA GeForfce FX 5700 LE
Memory: 256MB DDR 400 RAM
Polygon Rate: 325,000,000 triangles/sec
Dual RAMDACs: 400MHz x2
Driver Version: 71.82
Year Manufactured: Early 2004
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Are you referring to framebuffer textures? According to what I found here, the level of three uses the CPU power and the graphic card power to enable some effects (otherwise it emulates some, such as most summoning and spells). Therefore, CPU power will determine this a little.

You mentioned this not happening in the past, so assuming it isn't hardware related, have you defragmented your hard drive? I notice you have the latest nVidia drivers. Sometimes, newer drivers can have a worse effect on cards older than what it's intended for. How long ago did this use to work fine, because those drivers are fairly new, meaning if you didn't have then last time it worked, you may want to try reverting to older drivers. Try other plugins and or settings as well.

By the way, I never saw any slowdown at all playing any Final Fantasy game on the PS-X.
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Actually, 77.72 is the one that I was forced to unistall; it screwed up WMP 10 pretty bad. 71.89 works better IMO. But I should defrag my HDD?
I doubt fragmentation is the problem. Try dropping framebuffer effects to 2, it sounds like too much of a load is being put on your CPU for some reason. What CPU do you have?
you should have your hard drive defragged anyway.....
My current CPU info (I had an AMD Athlon 2600, but it was a faulty chip so it fried, I then got the Sempron cause it was a better deal). I seems to be much better than my previous CPU in terms of speed, so here are the specs:

AMD Sempron 3000+
CPU Breed: Thoroughbred
Cache: 512KB
Clock Frequency: 2033MHz
uhhh...the sempron 3000+ is either socket 754 Palermo....or a socket 462 barton (you say it has 512 cache so its not a thorton)

BUT beyond that, whatever you have is quite adequate for PSX emulation.

try the 66.93 drivers....and check out this thread:
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