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hi everybody,
i'm new, i have some questions
first i have download from the last version of this program, the 0.09.4 right? i have tried to run final fantasy 8 ita, because i'm italian, on the emulator, first i puted the iso on a usb pen, doesn't work, the pocket pc freeze after ps1 logo, if fast boot is disabled, after that i puted the iso on a cf, this time the emulator wait about 5 sec on selection iso screen, after that it return to main screen, precisely on about screen... what's wrong? final fantasy 8 is a protected game so i thought, it could be the protection, it's right? my ppc is a asus a730W, the bios i have installed is 1001, what's wrong? i hope in an answer, sorry for my bad english, but i'm italian, thank to all
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Hmmm well honestly it could be a billion tings :p The best place to ask your question would be here: as there are only a few people familiar with that emulator here, and we are no experts.

Good Luck!
thank a lot razor, but i have already tried to register my self on that site, but, i don't know why, the activation e-mail doesn't arrive... do you know some way to contact the administrator of that site? by using their e-mail?
thanks a lot for the answer
Check your pm ;)
thank's a lot razor, thanks a lot, i will try, thank you again
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