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News update

i must give to everybody some news about FpseCE.

I have FIXED all link from the fpsece site as most of them were wrong....

About FpseCE 0.095, LDchen has added a new frameskip which work now for most of game and make some game playable , like Jumping Flash and others...
This frameskip replace previous frameskip and work like this:
- if you set it to 0, then there is no frameskip
- if you set it to 1, then emu try to run at at least 10fps
- if you set it to 2, then emu try to run at at least 20fps
- if you set it to 3, then emu try to run at at least 30fps
etc... until 90fps

Emu is now more and more very LDchen said in Forum, FpseCE 0.095 should be released very soon.

Now talking about next version after 0.095 release, FpseCE 0.10....

I got the chance to test a Private Release from LDchen, and this is really fast!!! and the worst is that it's not the last release with all optimisation...
about compatibility, like promised it's lot higher than 0.09.....

sorry for the delay....but ldchen and me are really busy ....


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VDDZ said:
Great news, FpseCE was one of my faviort programs for the PPC (Its a PSX emu for your PDA), its good to see it's still going, Thanks for your work and good luck!
Its a PSX emu for your PPC! LOL

Great news, too bad my PPC is wayyyy to old to run this.
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