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LDChen and schtruck just released version 0.09.5 of their Playstation emulator for PocketPC users.

Here are FpseCE changes since 0.09.4:

* Fixed lot of "bugs" that caused memory allocation errors on WM2003 SE.
* Fixed compatibility with UNICODE devices.
* Fixed some display bugs into the virtual gamepad.
* Fixed a bug in movies decoding when B/W output is selected.
* Fixed a bug with sound cache buffers.
* Now FPSE is compiled only with Microsoft Libraries except few speed critical functions.
* There is just one executable for all CPU and all WinCE platforms (I hope).
Select your ARM version into the main menu:
Options->Cpu type->ARM V4 (or ARM V5)
FPSE has been tested with WM2003 and WM2003SE. I don't know what it will happen with WM2002 and older: try it, perhaps it will work.

* Started support for LFB feature on VGA models (not working yet).
* Removed the old file selector. The new rountine is faster, it virtually
doesn't use memory (the previous one used more than 1MB or ram!!!) and
- it's much more colorful ^_^.
- It's also coded for being resolution-independent, so it should run fine
in VGA mode too in the future.

* The libraries LibZ and LIBBZip2 are now compiled as DLL.
This will be an advantage because:
- It uses less memory.
- We can change them easily without recompiling the emulator, if one day
a newer version of those libraries will come out.

* A new automatic frameskip function has been implemented.
- You can see frame skip as a function for running FPSE at least to an FPS value.

Here you are what these levels do:

Level 0: no frames skipped.
Level 1: try to run the emu at least to 10 fps.
Level 2: try to run the emu at least to 15 fps.
Level 3: try to run the emu at least to 20 fps.
Level 4: try to run the emu at least to 25 fps.
Level 5: try to run the emu at least to 30 fps.
Level 6: try to run the emu at least to 35 fps.
Level 7: try to run the emu at least to 40 fps.
Level 8: try to run the emu at least to 45 fps.
Level 9: try to run the emu at least to 50 fps.

Example: your game runs to 17 fps without frameskip.
Level 1 and level 2 don't change the speed.
If you select Level 3, the emulator will skip some frames and it will
try to run the game at least to 20 fps.
If you select higher levels, it will skip more frames for getting at
least the requested speed. Of course, if the emu skips more, the game
will be more more unplayable because an "slideshow" effect.
If during the game there are some points where fps value overcome the
minimum value of requested level, then no frames are skipped.
Again, let's suppose that you are at level 2 and you have improved the
speed from 17 fps to 20 fps.
If there are some point where the game overcome the 20 fps, then no frame
skips are done for those points.

* Some small speed improvements with compiled memory functions.
* Sound playback is much smoother now.
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