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:hdbash: Has anyone else have this working on win xppro-sp2 Took me a wile to set up, but now works great on my system. Plugs was a big problem in this, manage to come up with the right plugin combo that works. The joy plug causes it to crash so took all old out and tryed different ones and worked. used JOY1Demo.dll-JOY0KEY.DLL-JOY0Demo.dll-JOY1KEY.DLL and only put in plugin folder not the PSEMU folder. At this point cant get any other pad plugin to work with it but these work great so need at this point.

here a link to all psx emulators-

Fpse is one of the good ones, this can play some games that EPSXE cant, was very popular at it time. Hasnt been updated yet but still being worked on. This one works great for me on my system.
I no ePSXe IS THE BEST PSX, I'am only trying to see what plugins people are using with FPSE. You dont see FPSE on any forums anymore, and for me it works well with a lot of psx games. So I'am trying to see who out there if anyone is using FPSE and if they over came the problems with the plugins. Hopefully they will share that.
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