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Originally posted by yamazaki98
it doesn't work! what happen????
display message:

E:\games\ps>cd epsxe

FPSE - *FREE* PlayStation Emulator
Win32 Version 0.09 by FPSE team
BUILD Jun 1 2001 11:08:10

Initializing system...
(.) Allocating memory blocks...
(.) Initializing hardware resources...
(.) Geometry Transormation Engine...
->(.) Using Portable GTE engine.
(.) Motion Decoder Engine...
->(.) Using Portable MDEC engine
(.) Initializing CDROM engine.
->(.) SCEA zone selected.
->(x) SPU initialization failed.
(x) hw_init: Couldn't initialize the hardware!


There is a problem with the SPU. What SPU plugin have you used? Try another SPU plugin. I use PeteMIDAS but if you have at least DirectX 7 try to use PeteDSound....
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