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FPSE is ... interesting ...

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Well after awaiting with bated breath I finally was able to download FPSE 0.9. I must say they definitely improved the configurator since 0.8 but alas it does have some crashing problems but nothing particularly vexing or drastic. And FPSE caught my interest right away when I decided to go and fire up Koudelka in which the fmvs don't show up in any other emulator I've looked at. Well the fmvs played right away which I was quite impressed with! They did run faster than they were supposed to though. And I also noticed that colour thing that everyone has been commenting on. Which actually made the movies look even more interesting then in my opinion. Actually you know what it really felt like to me? It felt like I was watching one of those silent movies, you know, where everyone movies slightly faster than normal and all the colours are washed out and everything. It probably helped that I didn't have sound on at the time. I was also impressed that it made it past the point in the beginning where it always hangs in epsxe for me. Of course FPSE did crash soon after that, but it is a start! So in closing I just have to congratulate the FPSE team and hope that all the flamers don't discourage them!
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