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From the site:

BETATESTER ONLY -- Windows Users
Hi, as You know FPSE will be out the 1st June, but we need some feedback from You to understand what is missing and/or if there are some incompatibility with your hardware.
So here is what You have to send to me if You wanna be a betatester for FPSE 0.09 WINDOWS version:

- Cpu model and speed (Eg: Pentium MMX 200MHz)
- Graphic Card (Eg: Matrox Mystique RamDac170 & 3dfx Voodoo2)
- Cd-rom speed (Eg: cd-rom 2x, dvd 6x)
- Soundcard (Eg: Gravis Ultrasound PNP PRO)
- Operating System (Eg: win9x, win2000 , winme)
- The games list that You own and you wanna try on FPSE.
- Your name, states and e-mail.

All this info into my BOX.
Only the "winner"will be contacted.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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