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FPSE/AmigaPPC Port

The Amiga PPC port of FPSE 0.09 has just been released. This is the first release so far heres whats listed at the <a href="">site</a>:

<ul><li>First Amiga port based on FPSE 0.09.
<li>Uses Pete Bernert's great PSEmuPro-compatible softgpu plugin for video rendering.
</ul>*update by Bobbi* You can now download it directly from NGEmu <a href="/psx/fpse/download/FPSE009R1.lha">here</a>, or get it from our updated <a href="/psx/fpse.php">FPSE section</a>! The official homepage can be found <a href="">here.</a> *End of update*
Thanks to <a href="">Pete</a> for this news.
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