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fps setting

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tekken 3 is running incredibly fast on my system and so i wanted to set the fps setting myself though i don't know what setting would suit my system and i also wanted to know the fps on a psx console so i can use that as my setting for fps. so does anyone have any advice on this and knows what's the fps is on a psx console??
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it is 60 fps on the psx least that is what they claim.... doesn't really matter anyways.... the graphics pluggins don't use the fps counter in a real psx.... 60 on epsxe mean 100% fps.... It is just a percentage according to a 60 as 100%......30 fps on epsxe means 50% fps.. I know that Gran tourismo doesn't run at 60 fps on a real psx but that is what epsxe says it is...... if you set it above 60 then it will be running a little faster than a real psx.. For tekken 3 I notice that even though it says 60 on epsxe, it isn't really running at full speed...... So I set it to 70.... and it looks full speed..... weird.
NTSC = 60 fps
PAL = 50 fps

Pete's 3D accel. plugins and Lewpy's have automatic fps selection where you can check these values and in both you can put your own fps limit value.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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