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well, this is probably a good enough forum as any for this, so let me begin.

feeling bored and creative, i formulated a grandoise scheme to rip fmvs from psx games, throw them on a dvd, and make a fancy menu using adobe encore. now, right from the start i've hit a roadblock. adobe encore will only accept video files running at ntsc (or pal, ofcourse) fps, which is 29.97 or something. herein lies the problem. PSXMC, which was to be the program i'd use for grabbing the fmvs, normally rips them at 15fps. manually making them rip at 30 makes for big problems, obviously.

question 1: how is it that epsxe is playing games at 60fps, psxmc ripping at 15fps and tvs playing them at 30fps?

question 2: is my plan to be foiled by these unfortunate circumstances?
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