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I'm pretty sure its my computer, and its really bad but I just need suggestions on what to get, currently my computer specs are:

Intel Viiv 2 Duo Processor E6300


Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 (Horrible, I know)

2048MB (2GB)

Is there any way I can omptimize the pcsx2 config settings for it to work with my computer, or do I have to buy a new one in order for it to work? If I have to buy a new one, what processor, graphics, and memory requirements do you think I need?

Thank you.

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Yep, ur computer is not up to the task. You could try downloading the latest svn version of pcsx2 and use as many speed hacks as possible, though that won't work with every game and won't guarantee u full speed on all games.

To get full speed most of the time, u would need something like:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or better
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9600GT or better
RAM: 1GB is enough
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