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It's kind of an odd glitch. It's only happened to me once so far.

It's like this: when you beat a stage, if there are any faceless ally pilots wearing blue in said stage, you will have a chance to turn them into "original" characters, who are yours to keep, as opposed to rental characters who leave you one stage after you rent them.

After beating one such stage, I was presented with three faceless ally pilots I could turn into original characters. The first two worked just fine, but when I tried to turn the third generic pilot into an original character, the game suddenly slowed down severely and stopped registering button presses. I made a save state before this, and reloaded several times, but it kept happening. However, I discovered that going into Profile mode (which lets you look at characters, mechas, etc.) and then canceling out of it fixed this problem. Unfortunately, the faceless ally pilot did not turn into an original character. Instead, I got a blank silhouette named "NO256" with 1 in every stat. The oddest thing is, his mini-portrait (that appears in the pilot list and on the group setup screen before battle) was that of another original character, possibly the one I could have gotten if not for this glitch.

I admit that this is a very odd and possibly difficult-to-replicate glitch, but any information at all about what could have caused it and any way to avoid it would be much appreciated.

Here are some screen captures I was able to take.

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