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To Keep things Organised

Topic: 'Game Name' [ELF NAME (AAAA #####)] (region) *1
Beta Date
Conditions Tested Under (Plugins (including date of plugin) used and CPU mode)
Notes, misc info, screenshots, patch used etc

Something Like: this

When a new beta comes out, rather than making a new thread for the same game, simply post a reply to the existing thread for that game (hence the SLES info in the topic, so there are no version mix ups). MAKE SURE Your 'AAAA #####' number is the same as the one in the topic of the thread, if not, post a new thread!

Sort the forum by thread (top of the first main column), before posting a new thread for a game. This sorts the forum by alphabetical order just to make sure there isn't already a thread for it.

Making sure that the Beta Date and other info is included, this way, one thread tracks the progress of one game as betas come out. Post if the game is Now working, has a new bug, still playable, unchanged, broken.

Playable / Ingame / Menus / Intro / Nothing

Why do this?

Allows one thread per unique game. Each thread tracks the progress of the game, and is more informative to the developers.

Final Fantasy X [SLES 12345] (E)
Final Fantasy X [SLPM 67890] (J)

Are Unique as they are different regions, thus can be treated as seperate games (differences in code).

No multiple posts about the same game. You can sort the forum by ABC order and effectively build a compatibility list, and browse through what games are currently able to be tested, eventually building quite a database, usefull status list and generally neat method.

You will be able to search by AAAA ##### number, and we will be able to see how many versions of one game is being tested, and if region makes any difference between emulated results. Also you can track the progress of your favourite game, and easily find if it's status has been tested recently.

*1: When I say AAAA ##### that fscking means NO dots, NO underscores, NO wacky spacing. It means EXACTLY that format!!
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Post updated, with an example of the bbcode you need to keep ya posts clean and pretty!
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