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We upgraded the forum software yesterday to include the latest changes coming with vBulletin 2.2.0 ! Here's a brief list of the most important ones :<ul><li><b>Encrypted passwords - </b>Although your passwords were only accessable by trusted NGEmu staff so far, they're now even more secure, as they're stored encrypted within the database.
<li><b>Better sever balancing - </b>vBulletin is now set to keep the server balance down in peak times (which we rarely had) by disabling certain, not used features (this doesn't affect thread viewing in any way)
<li><b>Multiple Choice polls - </b>Polls can now also be posted as multiple choice polls, meaning you can select more than one possibility for your vote.
<li><b>Attachment control - </b>We're now able to control who downloads which attachments from our forum. This will be very useful for a feature we plan to add late november. Stay tuned.
<li><b>Thread display bug fixed - </b>Although not really related to this update, I took the time to fix small threads to have their signature displayed correctly now.
<li><b>Who's where infos - </b>You can now see who's browsing the same board as you do, or who is where generally by clicking the 'Who's online' button</ul>There're more features, but these are mostly for the admins, so not worth being mentioned. However, the upgrade also caused us to disable certain features for now, but I'll add them one by one again within this week, along with several other cool improvements. So if you haven't yet, go and <a href="/forums/index.php">check out the new forums</a>, right here at NGEmu !
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