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Formula 1 2001 on ePSXe

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Has anyone been able to get the menus correctly working in this? Using Pete's SoftGPU they just come up unrendered.. Same if i try on my other PC (which has a voodoo2) using the glide GPU. Using ePSX 1.4.0, Petes SoftGPU 1.54, eternal SPU 1.10, running on PIII750 (ThinkPad i1200)

On a side note, if using Petes SoftGPU and i enable scaling teh display to the window size (640x480), the FPS die in teh arse.. from like 60-100 down to 4-6.. Kazza's SoftGPU 1.7 doesn't do this, but the rendering it produces is pretty bad. any ideas?

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