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I just started to play Forbidden Siren (aka Siren) on PCSX2 0.9.6 and in the first "daylight" mission occurs a annoying problem: the surrounding fog of the stage got no transparency!

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Well, I solved that problem changing from DX10 Hardware from DX10 Software but then it gets too slow! So, I don't know what to do...

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My system:
Windows 7 RC
Intel Q9400 2.67GHz
VGA Radeon HD4870 1GB

I'm using GSdx 0.1.14. What should I do?

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i am assuming from dx10 h/w to dx10 s/w, please word your probs probably... anyways try another plugin or use the latest svn of pcxs2 with the latest plugins to see if it helps, if not on the latest svn of pcxs2 the are more speedhacks it may make the run faster but more like it still run slow
I'm sorry for my poor typing. And yes, I mean from DX10 hardware to DX10 software. I tried what you have said but it still runs slow :)

Try my Guide , hope this helps.

Also make sure you are using DirectX9... its the only thing tested with here...
if you are using XP make sure you don't use the Fake DirectX10.
I tried your guide and, thank you, it's working faster than before but now it looks real bad.

I'm just wondering if this is the only solution for this problem. I mean, this is the first game I play on the emulator but I suppose this would happen with any other game that uses the same effect. So I presume this is a common problem. But then I saw some people that played Siren around the forum and they didn't report any of this. Is there something wrong with my specs, maybe? Or maybe I'm making some mistake somewhere...?

Anyway, I'm just asking if there's anybody that knows of something that can be done without crippling the speed and the looks of the game.

Thanks for everyone that replied and I'm sorry for my bad english.
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