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I made a bit of an arse of myself drunkenly moaning about the buzz buzzer plugin. I was put in my place(quite rightly), so if anyone uses it i'd like to share my settings which work very, very well.

pcsx2 0.9.5
gigaherz buzz mod
GSDX890 (msvc 15.sse41)0.1.14 graphics plugin
i have this set to 1280x720 50hz
direct 3d9 hardware. i aint tried dx10 yet but hey, if it aint broke, dont fix it.
pixel shader 3
bob tff
nloop hack on (its default) same with texture filtering
vsync on. It stops tearing, but its up to you.
logarithmic z on
alpha correction on

i tried many, many settings on all plugins and this gives the best. no bobing up and down, no breakup when the screen pans. it also seemed to fix the sound error when hotseat game is introduced.

there is still the odd graphics error but nothing that will stop the game being played fully.

sound wise i'm using the P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9 plugin, its a bit iffy but will not spoil your enjoyment.

big thanks to the lad who wrote the buzzer plugin and all you who keep improving pcsx2:thumb:
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