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for all the people who want to upload their save states on this forums

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i just tried compressing one of the save states and guess what it gave me a 99% compression ratio .. i mean a 1.67 mb file converted to 31 bytes you must be thinking that hey i tried using winzip but it was of no help .... but i used another zipping utility by the name of winace . so all you need to do is zip it up and the convert it into and exe file so anyone who does not have this zip utiity can unzip it and then enjoy the save state...
sorry guys i just rechecked on the compressed file and there was this slight process which i happened to overlook .. i forgot to refresh the page and so it was showing me 31 bytes ..after refreshing the page it was showing me the correct size of the zipped file which was 1.5 mb ....sorry for all the excitement i guess i just got excited myself and thought i should let you people know about it ..sorry once again everyone
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31 *bytes*? Are you sure the zip file is actually correct (as in not incomplete zip file, etc.)? That seems like an awful lot of compression, particularly since the savestates are already compressed somewhat to begin with...
Okay, I'd just like to say that WinAce does not ZIP files, and it does not create ZIPs. It compresses them and creates ACE files (I guess you could say it Aces them, but that sounds stupid). Hence the name WinAce as opposed to WinZip. And while Ace files do seem to usually get slightly better compression than Zip files, I have to agree that if it compressed it that much, it's highly likely that the Ace file is fux0red, or the original save state was actually just a text file...
Pshaw, zips and aces. They're all zipped files. It's just one kind of compression can be more efficient than others. Categorization is a good thing. :)
Actually, saying they're all zipped doesn't bug me.. However, calling them all Zip files is annoying as hell. That's not categorizing, that's calling it something it's not. The world would be pretty confusing if every item in an office was called a "chair". There's a reason different things have different names. :p
Don t torturate ur mind
U ll have a headache :D !!
This is like that old Hovering argument. Most people say that they are hoovering the carpet not vaccuum cleaning the carpet. In the same way zipping a file has become part of the language, as an alternative way of saying compressing a file.
Not all the people tough....
When I use Winrar© I say "rar it!"
when I use Winzip© I say "zip it."

I have never heard someone said they were "hoovering the carpet". Or maybe I heard it and thought it was dumb so forgot it.

Let's hope people come to their senses and stop saying they zipped something into a RAR or ACE or what-have-you file.
I have vacuumed a lot of carpets in my time, I even sold vacuums at one point. NEVER ahve i heard anyone say the were going to hoover their carpet. Usually they say they are going to vacuum it! Imagine that :p Umm I think I'll go Eureka my carpet now, or maybe I'll just Dirt Devil it. :rolleyes:
Yea, and I'm going to make insert a vacuum into an old movie and make it dance with an old actor, and call it good.

/me wonders if that actually got people to buy it? OOO look that old dead actor, what's his name?, he's danceing with this vacuum. Let's go get one :)
I though that one was international. Must be just us Irish who say that then.

"so what the feck is the craic then?"
Translation: "How's things":D
Originally posted by Sandie
/me wonders if that actually got people to buy it? OOO look that old dead actor, what's his name?, he's danceing with this vacuum. Let's go get one :)
Seems to work with any advertisements. "Who cares if it sucks. If Jim Carrie (etc.) likes it, I have to get it!" Then again, I'm one of those guys who only watches commercials to see some of the creativity in them.
winace also zip files,

you can make rar, ace, zip, and other files with winace, not only ace files, your fool, first rty it and then talk
WinACE sucks for the simple fact that they change their compression algorithm too much, so backwards compatibility is almost non-existant.
I use with everything except for the new ACE format (for the reason CD mentioned) ..and it's free :)
Any body ever use a Kleenex? You're actually using a tissue, but the Kleenex brand became such a popular brand that everytime I want a tissue I ask for a kleenex. Umm...yeah, I just thought I'd share that. You know...get it out into the open.
anyways, I'm still having problems uploading to this forum....
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