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For All That Don't Use Your Default Shell

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ALright, I got LiteStep, it's cool, but I was wondering how the hell to quit it, without uninstalling it. I was also wondering if there were any tutorials anywhere on how to get started making my own shell.
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I also wondered if anyoneknew where I could get info on replacing the default boot screen. (the crappy looking one that says Win98 or WinME or whatever you use)
You can change your startup/shutdown screens by opening the files "logos.sys" and "logow.sys" in an image editing program (they're just .bmp files in disguise). You have to keep the aspect ratio of them, however, otherwise they'd look strange.
thanks, but I only found logos.sys and not logow.sys, which is the one i'm looking ofr, I tried doing a search but I press the search button and nothing happens. Maybe it's winMe. Where would you normaly find logow.sys?
These files are not nessesarily on your machine. If they are not found windows has a copy hard coded into the executible. Actually there are 3 logo.sys (startup screen) which is placed in the root directory logos.sys (please wait whilst windows shuts) and logow.sys (now safe to shutdown) are located in the windows folder. As Cluthu said any replacment logo has to be of the same size as the one you found and it must be 256 colors for it to overide the default.

ps the reason why microsft put this feature in was so that they could change it to show that you had installed plus!

as for litestep... isn't there a switch to explorer option? Its been a while since I looked at it.

As for theming check this site out
yeah, the one I'm looking for is the loading screen one. But, I can't find it and I can't search my computer because when I click search nothing happens :mad: - Thanks for that url ^_^
Like I said it don't acually have to be present. The main one is built into win.exe. If you place a file called logo.sys into the root directory it will overide it. As long as it is within the specied size and 256 colours
erm.... would the size be the same as the other two?
For litestep you need to make a change to your system.ini file .
simply execute the system.ini and in the file you'll see "shell".after the "=" sign simply type in explorer.exe and it will revert back to your default shell.
Originally posted by Asz
erm.... would the size be the same as the other two?
Thats a matter of opinion. It's only for advanced users (that would be about 95% of the board's regulars then :D ) as it is setup by editing text files and it can cause glitches with games but on the plus side it has virtual desktops and you can add components as you wish. Its a bit more glitchy win2k.
I've used litestep it aint that bad and its quite easy to use not that hard but then again its not that stable if you are looking for a stable and easy to use shell changer use talisman but its not freeware its shareware.but then again if you want to register it private message me and i'll tell u how
I also tried HoverDesk, but I don't really want to pay.
Ok you've got me tweaking again. Currently I'm using desktop X. Here's my skin at work (ps the os is win nt 4)
:eek: Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I really want out of XP is the cool new look, :D - where can I download desktop x and that skin?
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