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Hello everyone.

I am a completely new person to emulators and after reading different forums day and night for the last three days, I've finally got my FF 9 to boot.

After browsing through some of the threads here, however, I've noticed that some of you have some beautiful screen shots of FMVS and such [ you know who you are ].

I know FMVs on the PSX (regular ol' TV version) have xtreme clarity. Is there anything I can do to get closer to that quality? I must say the movies I watch on FF9 aren't very awe-inspiring in their pixelated form, and I know that they are everything but that.

My settings:

Pete's Open GL (newest 11-4-2001 version):
640x480 both desktop and window res.
32-bit color depth
Best color Texture quality R8G8D8A8
tried both Filtering on 0 and 2
Caching - Dynamic
FPS Limit 100
Use FPS limit
OffScreen Drawing : 3-Enhanced
FramebufferTextures:Gfx Card buffer
Checked: Alpha Multipass,Mask Bit, Advanced Blending
only Special Game Fixes Checked:

My Comp
PII 400Mhz Intel
Abit Bx6 Rev 2
256MB Micron ram
40gb 7200rpm IBM 60gxp
Geforce 2 Gts
Creative DVD 5x
Creative Live Value
Kds 19" Avitron

With these settings the framerates are decent, just the FMV image quality: i need some help please!
Thanks guys, and I am still reading forums and not just lazily waiting for a response. =)

Thanks in advance.:D
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