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FMV Don't show in any games!

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I've tried various plugin combinations and in every game I've tried the FMVs are just blank but you can still hear the sound :confused:
Can anyone help me out with this, Im using EPSXE 1.40
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um, system specs would be helpful ..... as well as the plugins!
No probs. . .

Duron 650
Geforce2 MX
128mb RAM

I've tried all of petes GPU and SPU plugins and the same thing happens :( Im using the Scph1001.bin bios. VGS plays the FMVs fine though. . .
Any one help?
well, are u sure u ve enabled mdecs and their timing on epsxe?
if yes, I don t see how u can have such a problem...


How do I do that? I still aint got my head round EPSXE very well yet. . .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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