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Flipped charactes on FFX & FFX-2

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Just in case someone runs into the same "issue" of having the middle player and/or bosses being turned around (see screenshot) on SVN builds. The way to "fix" it was by using EE Recs Options => Clamp Mode: Full.

Tried too many things until I checked this options. :dead:

Best regards.
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thanks, Im still playing FFX, soon I hope to have time to play FFX2
if using full, i believe your also meant to enable extended/sign
From the info on the window:

Full: Attemps to emulate large numbers correctly for the EE's FPU. VU's clamp mode should be set to "Extra + Preserve Sign" for this to work best. (But still work for most games even with "Normal" VU clamping)
I've ended with VU clamping with "None" after the tests. Still using it that way, no problems.... so far.
The only one that matters for this "issue", is the EE's clamp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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