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Flight Sims

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I just got a sweet new saitek joystick with throttle and Ive got a few free flight sims like YSflight and Flight gear, and I was wondering if anyone knew about some better flight sims, free or not. Particularly Im interested in one that has the entire US, that you can fly over (like flight gear), and realistic flight and planes

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Vanit said:
Do not buy M$ Flight Simulator 2004... when you hit the ground you just bounce right back up. Not much of a simulator if you can't even crash =/.
That by itself doesn't ruin the game, and you can change the realism settings so it doesn't do that. FS2004 is a good game, especially when you download a bunch of planes and stick it in the game :D. It is a bit of a hardware whore though.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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