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Flatout - A Post-Nuclear Oddity

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Flatout: A Post Nuclear Oddity

Table of Contents

I.Game Information

- Complete
- Todo

III. Project Contributors
- Art
- Scripting
- Design

IV. How to contribute

I. Game Information
Flatout will be a game similar to the game Fallout programmed and designed by Black Isle Studios, and distributed by Interplay. Key differences will be in Art Style, and some new gameplay elements will be added to this game. See features for more information. It is being scripted in Python and runs through a game engine known as
Ika. The gameplay style will be a turned based PC Style RPG using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. The art style will be(or I would like it to be) more cartoony, similar to the designs of the guy who appears in the introduction and on the Character screen.

II. Features

- Item Class
- Character Class
- Most UI related Classes

10% Complete

To Do
- In-Game UI related scripting
- Combat Related scripting
- NPC Related scripting
- Art for just about everything, heh.
- Maps

90% Incomplete

III. Project Contributors


As of yet, no one.


Dosmaen - Entity Management Scripts, Base UI Classes, Character Classes, Item Classes


Dosmaen - Menu Related Scripting, Entity System

IV. Other Information

If you would like to contribute to any part of the project, feel free to give me an email: [email protected], via AIM @ Dosmaen, or post in here. If you can, feel free to show a sample of your work as well. I'm not trying to put people out who are new to what they would want to contribute, I just am interested in seeing what people can do. I will post a demo(I wouldn't even call it that) of a few of the menu systems later, once I finish some of the code cleaning up.

Use of Code
Feel free to use any of the code included in this project, as long as you leave the base code comments in, comment any additions, and distribute the code with the same rules.




UI and Debug Screen Test:
DLLs Needed(you can post these in either the extracted game directory where the ika.exe is located, or in the windows/system directory):

Thank you for your time and support(?)! :D
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oh....I thought this was based on that racing game called Flatout

never mind now.... :D
You make me sad. i am now aware that my title is much more unoriginal then I thought. :D
looks ok... for now, ya but maybe change title.
Yeah, the title screen is just a rip from the game. It's super temporary. If anyone would like to get me a better title screen, that would be awesome. the dimensions are 640x480.
Kirby said:
oh....I thought this was based on that racing game called Flatout

never mind now.... :D
same here (of course :p )
Could people try making useful posts and not posts pertaining to the post 5 posts ago? Thanks.
SSJBatMAN5000 said:
Could people try making useful posts and not posts pertaining to the post 5 posts ago? Thanks.
Oh, well I'm terribly sorry, mr. Useful!
You're in a bad mood or something?
I'm sure Razor Blade would be interested in this. iirc he's a concept artist for a company called Apollo.
Bleh not so much anymore. Although I do help out a bit with that project, the location i'm in is what's holding me back. (Basically other sides of the world) :p

I don't really want to get involved in anything right now. Really sorry. I may, just maybe if I have time help out a bit with a logo or whatnot, but I don't want to commit myself to anything at this time. I'm way too busy with a job, finding a new one, packing, moving and settling myself into a new location within the next month :p A little much on my plate right now.

But please keep us posted and give us some more info about your game! I just love when people make games :)
@Razor Blade: If you could make a "Flatout: A Post-Nuclear Oddity" logo, then I would be extremely thankful. I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date with it's going ons!
Sure. Just point me in the right direction as to what style you want, colors, textures?
I'd like to make it cartoony, but futuristic at the same time. Perhaps some sort of cel-shaded metal for the texture. Once again, thank you for your help. :)
Here's a shot. Not exactly wha you said, but I sort of just tried a whole bunch of stuff ;)
You need to teach me how to do that... now... :)
That logo looks awesome!
The game looks great are there any progress reports?
Thank you so much Razor Blade, that's an awesome logo!

As for a report on progress, we are currently looking for artists and scenario designers, and the scripting is coming along just fine. I'm finishing all the work up on ui related things, and working on the character creation portion.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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