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Flash Test

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plz check this .
Its just a test flash application, but i need to know what u think of it, so plz pay it a visit ;)

Avantasia rulezz!
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thkx everyone, i got it about 2 weeks ago (hi metalmurphy ;) )

GK - ive learned all the stuff i know (wich is not much ;) ) w/ flash's help sistem, maybe u should give it a try...

i cant lower Avantasia's quality... it would be an awfull sin... ;)
and i really need another host :( *snif* fs2 doesnt work very well for me...

well, i still have a lot to learn, but im glad u like the music :)

PS - im gonna rip that album and upload some of the best musics, ill tell u the url later :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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