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Well as we can all see that the hot topic in the VGS section is that the VGS crashes.Some say it don't starts and some say that blue screen freaks out.

I had the same problem after two days of research on VGS I gave up and sended Aldo an email (the greatest guy on earth).He replied and gave me 4 reasons,out which the reason that helped me was to check the ASPI drivers.

He gave me a link I forgot it so I cannot give U,from that link I downloaded the latest ASPI driver.

Secondly I went to the settings of Directx ,which all of U can find over here

c:\Program files\Directx\Setup\dxdiag.exe

run the exe file and the settings will popup

In there go to display and there disable AGP support.

I have figured that VGS gives these problem mostly to the guys having system containing Via and BX2 chipsets and secondly the ones using operating systems obove windows 98 first edition,even second edition of Windows ME gives the same error with VGS

I guess my research will a few guys(and girls if there are)outthere

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