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first timer here, needing help

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i have PSEmu Pro. I have no idea what i'm doing. it says i'm missing a SCPH1000.bin in the Bios Directory. sumthing liek that. what does it mean. do i need to download or get sumthing from sumwhere? wow i sound like a dum @$$ but i'm confused. and where can u get roms?
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one more thing... do i need sum sort of chord or do i need the playstion cd itself. or is the cd just for legal reasons.
First of all get ePSXe , PSEmu Pro is good , but very old , next get the plugins ( From )then serach the net ( ) for bios (they are iligel in some way) also get your self a PSX cd or a backup cd and good luck
If this emu is to compicated get yourself VGS or Bleem , they are worse (personal opinion) and you'll have to pay for them
well, you should use ePSXe 1.40 cause it's the best right now
well that's true it's your decission to choose the emulator, i cannot force you
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