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firefox constantly uses upwards of 300,000K on my memory usage in windows xp even when all im doing is post this here thread. ill post what extension and plugins ive got if needed. and my flash videos all lag a bit as well. ive got the latest version of flash version 10 not 10.1 becuase my gpu cant handle the loadoff becuase its only a 7600 and it looks like they use cuda for the load off.
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not normal for eveything to lag tho huh? and i didnt see this high of mem usage on windows 7 and i sure didnt get the freezes im getting. talking bout firefox freezing completely that i have to terminate the proccess. im using the latest non beta version of firefox
ill try it and see what happens hope the latest alpha version helps. wow i see a lot of my extensions aren't compatible with the latest version which sucks
firefox is now hanging around the 85,000K mem usage in safe mode
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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