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Firefox and Anoymity 4 Proxy

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Has anyone used this software before? im kindof new at this proxy thing, but i cant figgure out how to set firefox to work with it. the faqs say i need to set it up ( their using IE so that doesnt help) and i havent seen a seting yet, either that or i have and just didnt reconize it. as i said i really dunno how to set my browser to work with this program :p help plz?
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I don't know the software, but usually, all you have to do really is go to

Tools>Options>Connection Settings>Manual Proxy Configuration

Set set up the IPs from there. Most of those software proxies usually have you connect to (localhost) and to a particular port (8080 in most cases).

Try it with IE. If the proxy settings work, then they also should with FireFox... unless the Proxy itself can't find the Internet connection going out... (happened to me once :D)
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