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finally made an avatar for myself

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what do you think?

screenshot taken from AppleWin 1.10.4
(if you dont know Akuma from this game... you suck! hehe)

imaging software used... Microsoft (R) Paint! :p

image format: 65x65 gif (1,261 bytes)
damn my 4KB cluster size :D

for those who wonders, jpeg format screws up the pixels. gif left all pixels alone, but did not give the exact same color. i'm not sure if AppleWin was displaying the exact original color anyways.

and for those who knows what i'm talking about - yes i played it today and finished it, and no i did not get kicked in the nut by her :)
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Man that definitely brings back memories..... that has got to be the second PC game I played (the first one being Digger of course).

And while we're at that, here's for those of you who has a Palm device:
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