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Final Question b4 the upgrade ;)

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ok, i know u all must be sick an tired of answering my questions (especially u Betamax, but i gave u oscar :p )
but here are the final ones. My specs:

Riva TNT2 ultra 32mb
HP cdwriter plus 8200
Toshiba DVD
256Ram pc100
creative Vibra 128
Microsoft intellimouse optical ( ;) )
Miscrosoft Sisewinder
Nokia 447ZA plus monitor

1st question - is the Thunderbird 1333Mhz 266 bus + Asus 47VI133 ATA100 AGP4x pro compatible with ALL the hardware i said above (including the PC100 memories)

2nd question - Can i change the Mobo and processor (my former one was a celeron 466) without formating the HD? what are the riscs??

thgks for putting up w/ me once more ;)
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Mmm... I cant answer your 1st question Neojag, but for your second I would recommend that you do format your hard disk and reinstall windows.

I had a hard disk with WindowsME setup on it and I gave it to my brother to put in his PC. I could not be bother to reinstall windows because I thought that the plug 'n pray abilities in Windows would realise that the hardware had changed, and prompt me to install new drivers - but what actually happened was that I detected the new motherboard and other hardware but it did not remove any of the other installed devices from it's original PC. Obviously this caused all sorts of conflicts and a reinstall was the only way around it. (I mean a clean reinstall, not just a reinstall over the top.) Hope this helps.
1-Neojag, why would you like to keep PC100 memories if it would be advisable to sell them and buy DDRSDRAMs instead(the prices aren't very steep anyway)?
And for god's sake! Buy a new sound card!
2-Yeah, although not recomended. You will only need to install the board drivers(should come in a pack) and you're set. If you happen to have troubles (instability) do a reinstall of the system without formatting and update directx, Internet explorer and whatever you have updated earlier again.
1. yes

2- you didn't give the chipset of your old mobo, but doing a switch between intel to amd processor... there a possibility of you need to reformat because of possible instabilities of old drivers remaining in your hd not to mention if your windows locks up(windows protection error)
hum, guess im gonna format then..
man, it needs a lot of patience to reinstall everything... :(
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