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Final hep please on FF9 getting bin file back onto CD

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Well after all the excellent help here I got 4 patched working PAL bin files of FF9. But they are all well over a standard 640 meg CD in size. I used CDRwin to remake them into iso files but they were still too big to put on CD. How do you do this final stage? I know I can play them with Epsxe on the HD but I'd still like to re put them onto working CDs
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How much bigger?

You may be able to overburn to a standard cd, if its not too much more.


You can go out and buy 700 meg cd's they are no more expensive than standard 650 cd's and any burner can use them.


Some ISO files take up more hard disk space than they will on an actual cd. so check your original cd's for size. if they were originaly 650 or smaller they will go back onto a 650 meg cd.

unless ff9 is special, I dont have it myself get sick of hearing about it, anyone would think its the only game made for Playstation ( I just know Ill get absoloutly flayed for that remark!!):rolleyes:

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