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Final hep please on FF9 getting bin file back onto CD

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Well after all the excellent help here I got 4 patched working PAL bin files of FF9. But they are all well over a standard 640 meg CD in size. I used CDRwin to remake them into iso files but they were still too big to put on CD. How do you do this final stage? I know I can play them with Epsxe on the HD but I'd still like to re put them onto working CDs
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No, no , no!
Trust me, no matter how big windows says your ISO is, it will always fit onto a regular 650Mb CDR.
I've done it many times with no problems what so ever with ISOs that are 700+ Mb.
Try to think of it this way, if your ISO came off of a 650Mb CD, then it will of coarse be able to fit on a 650Mb CDR.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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