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Reserving this title! MMOs clearly aren't the mainstream on the board, but someones gotta do it :innocent:

A little teaser to start off. Video from Gamescon.

I highly suggest the HD versions. You can see a lot more detail and a lot less artifacting that way. For an MMO, it looks stunning so far.





NOTE: The videos released so far are ALPHA stage. Meaning development is still in full gear.

Quotes from FFXIVs producer:

In Final Fantasy XI, the player would select the attack command and enter an Auto-Attack mode. To spice up the flow of battle, Final Fantasy XIV will require players to select commands each time they attack, and the combination of commands they choose will determine the technique they use. This will put all new emphasis on strategy and keep players engaged in battle.

Action Commands, as Tanaka calls them, are lined up along the bottom of the screen as icons. Those who are grumbling about a passing resemblance to World of Warcraft will be happy to know the layout is tentative and certainly subject to change. The current setup has players selecting an ability from the from the bottom which then appears as a command in your gauge. There are two gauges - one for the left hand and one for the right hand. For example, the character that Tanaka was controlling had a shield in his left hand, so the left-handed gauge had shield commands registered to it.
To activate an ability, the player needs to store up their "Action Gauge." The strength and accuracy of a technique can be further increased by storing up the "Power Gauge." The "TP Gauge" also makes a return, which when full will alter the effects of your technique in a variety of ways. The gauges will increase when the player attacks or is attacked by an enemy. During this explanation, Tanaka unleashes Red Lotus Blade with a grin, much to the delight of the interviewer, who immediately recognizes the sword technique.

Magic will be used the same way - through Action Commands - but will only be available if you are equipped with a weapon that allows their use. Swords give sword-based abilities and staves will give magic-based abilities. Also, there are skills that cannot be used until you have acquired enough skill in a particular weapon.
How will the story be told? Powerful story is an essential part of the FF-series, and as far as the producers have said it will be important in XIV as well.

Yes the story is defiantly very important for FF14. We will have high quality cutscenes with voiceovers and fx, please look forward to it.

There will also be voiceovers on mostly every character/npc in the game.
When is the beta? Any more info?

We dont have any specific time at the moment. But this current version here at Gamescom is an alpha version. And before we start the beta we're going to have another version, a developer version, this time we're concentrating on guild leaves, next time we're going to be concentrating on something else. When it's ready we'll start the beta version. And of course since we're going to launch the game in 2010 it should before that... so. The beta is not going to be in the far future *laughs* We want to do it as soon as possible.

(Also, a different interview has quoted Tanaka saying there will be an open beta.)
- At present how much of the game is complete?

Tanaka: The game is only around 40-50% complete at this stage, and the alpha here pretty much has everything removed that isn't essential to displaying the Guildleave system. The focus here at GamesCom was to show the Guildleave and how it works as well as how it delivers quests to the player. The initial quests shown here are fairly easy taking only around 15 minutes but this isn't how it will always be. There will be quests with different levels of difficulty and time requirements. On top of this, there will also be monster all over trying to get in the way of your missions!

- Was the main focus so far in development on combat then?

Tanaka: Currently the most advanced part of the game is certainly the graphics and there are many changes that will happen before the release date. I know that showing off an incomplete game can draw criticism from disappointed players, but I hope that it can also get praise for how far along FFXIV has come. We plan to show off portions of the game as we continue to develop it.

- Will Japan have its chance to play a demo as well?

Tanaka: There may be a playable version that users sign up to try out in Japan sort of like a giant focus group. Players will be added gradually, and once the game is more polished and we have a solid base for the users then we will initiate the open Beta.

Tanaka: The fruits of our labor are finally coming to bear, and the development team is working hard to get the game ready. We're planning to let everyone get a try at a playable version like we have done here in Germany, so please look forward to it in the not so far future.

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Hmm, can't tell much from the video, but :
- It looks like you can see quite far in the distance, which is a good thing to have in a MMO.
- Sadly, it looks like things "pop out" very close to the character. That's not really the kind of thing that'll get better through beta/retail (or only a little). The price to pay to have good looking vegetation. (Should be nice once I get a new PC, the current one won't like this game very much)
- The combat looks really slow. Right now most MMOs try to get away from that and to make things more dynamic. But maybe it'll just be like WoW was : Slow-paced at low-levels and fast-paced at high-level, to give players some time to accommodate themselves to their characters. (If it is, great, if it's not... Damn)

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I just wanna know something... The PS3 version will be playable through a controller or keyboard ? Second, people that hates MMO shouldn't really bother to post, since it's obvious they will say something like, "I hate mmos, this game sucks and bla bla".

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I just wanna know something... The PS3 version will be playable through a controller or keyboard ? Second, people that hates MMO shouldn't really bother to post, since it's obvious they will say something like, "I hate mmos, this game sucks and bla bla".
Hey don´t take it that personal :thumb: i just don´t like MMO´s that doesn´t mean they are bad ;)

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Ok. I have some experience with mmos. So far I haven't seen anything impressive besides the debut movie. That opening looks awesome. I really want to see the battles. The first movie doesn't show too much about it.
SE seems to do that on purpose. They drum up the hype so everyone rushes out to buy their latest turd. It took forever to get a video of XIII featuring actual battle sequences instead of the stupid FMVs.

Anyway, XIV looks mediocre at best. It'll likely be sub par as MMOs go when released.
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