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Final Fantasy XII Confirmed!!

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Some of you already knew this but this pic shows that FFXII is really gonna be made. The first FFXII pic realeased by squaresoft. ;)
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lol... Nah... i think Yuna is better :D
Don't know... I think It's set to Winter 2002, but i doubt it. I think it will come out in 2003. or something.
Lol.. Nice one Xeven!! :D
Originally posted by Raziel
Well,either FFXII is a sequel to FFVII(cool:) ) or this pic is fake,hum let's see....same flowers,same field,same forest & mountains.......FAKE.
I don't think so. But if it is dont blame me! I got the PIC from a website! :)
Well... the only thing I care is that FFXII will exist... o gives a $hit if it's the same field...
Oh yeah... I'm sure u're right on that Ryoga :eyes:
Originally posted by Samor
would that be your worst nightmare, shiori? a tokimeki SD?
What the hell does "SD" mean Samor?:confused:
1 - 8 of 37 Posts
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