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Final Fantasy XII Confirmed!!

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Some of you already knew this but this pic shows that FFXII is really gonna be made. The first FFXII pic realeased by squaresoft. ;)
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More importantly, they reused the same technique of cherry blossom flowers flying all over the place. Either it's fake or Square's gotten really lazy. But yeah, I'd assume they are working on a PS2 FF XII (the only version, most likely).
> Street Fighter 2003

You already know that's coming out (although probably as Street Fighter III.5 and a Half: The New Generation). Capcom and originality do not go together.

As for the cherry blossoms, they're definitely important in Japan, but they shouldn't be done in the exact same way. If this image holds true, maybe I really should do that FF XIII image again...
Originally posted by fivefeet8
Reminds me of the openning mdec in FF8..
I just took a look at that again, and the only difference between this field and that is the supposed FF XII one has a few more red flowers.
See, take a look at the FF8 field (actually, there's a better shot than this of the field, but I like this one more, so :p). Looks almost exactly the same. They're even the same *#$(#*ing mountains and forest.
Originally posted by Metalmurphy
What the hell does "SD" mean Samor?:confused:
Super Deformed.
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