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Final Fantasy XII Confirmed!!

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Some of you already knew this but this pic shows that FFXII is really gonna be made. The first FFXII pic realeased by squaresoft. ;)
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Originally posted by Demigod79

The EA sports games have always followed a yearly naming convention so the first series of games on the list would be accurate (excluding FF) but the rest probably won't happen. I notice a lot of PC companies are adopting the `XP' title though(Athlon XP, PowerDVD XP, Detonator XP, etc.). Maybe... Final Fantasy XP??? :p

BTW, the KOF series is dead so there will not be a KOF 2003. SNK's last game will be KOF 2002.
Maybe yes.. There is a chance there will be a new KOF from SNK after all..
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