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Final Fantasy X [SCES 50494] (S)

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Beta Date: CVS code from 16/07/2005 compiled with Intel's C++ compiler.
Conditions tested under:
Peops CDVD (20/04/2005)
gsdx9-sse2 (25/07/2005, from gabest)
SPU2ghz (25/07/2005, from me :p)
padSSSPSX (04/07/2005, from cvs)
fwnull, usbnull (same dates, cvs)
scph39004 PAL bios modified to USA 1.6 by the modchip

Status: Ingame

The game goes ingame without patches using the memcard save. BG music works.

EDIT: I didn't take any screenshot but gfx are just the same as the "UK PAL" (50490) version.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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