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I tried running my FFX disc today to try it on the pcsx2 emu to see if it would run.
Well, the splash screens and menus ran fine, but when it came to the intro everything turned into crap.
-The Fps went from 63 to 45
-all characters,sprites,and particles flickered (and sometimes "dragged")
-the music looped a bit
-Dialouge takes 2 seconds to load (and loops every second untill the line is done.
-There are no screen transitions (you can see an in-game model of Tidus for about 3 seconds before the intro starts. Also the screen doesnt fade to black when it displays the Final Fantasy X logo)

I know my Pc isnt that great to handle a ps2 emulator but at 45 fps... I didnt expect all of that mess.
Is there anything wrong with my settings? Or my pc just cant handle this one.

PC specs

-Windows Vista Home premium
-2GB of ram
-Intel Pentium daul cpu E2160 @ 1.80GHZ
- Intel Express chipset G33/G31

Emulator specs
Video: GSdx9
-Resolution 512x384
-Pixel shader 2.0
-No interlacing
-4:3 aspect ratio
-1 SW rend threads
-All the bottom options checked except Log.Z and Enable Tv-out

Sound: P.e.o.p.s SPU2
-volume: medium
-No Reverb
-Cubic interpolation

-All options checked with VU skip enabled

Speed Hacks
-x3 cycle rate
-INTC Synch Hack

Im also using Pcsx2 0.9.6

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Your onboard GPU is too weak. The CPU is alright, but would need to be overclocked to get somewhere. That explains the slow speed.

You have speed hacks enabled. That likely explains the glitches, and slow speed alone doesn't usually cause glitches.
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