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Hi there, first time poster.

I'm trying to play FFX but i'm having a major problem. After the introduction and the FMV sequence featuring the blitzball play and Sin starting to destroy Zanarkand, i meet up with Auron, who tells me to look and then CRASH.

The game suffers a No longer responding Windows based crash that i can't get out of. Now from what i recall of playing the game on the PS2, an FMV sequence or something occurs when he tells me to look, so it might be something to do with that, or might not. I don't know! ^_^

The plugins i'm using are the following:
GSDx SSSE3 0.1.12
PEOPS for sound
EFP Iso Driver 0.6.0

My specs are:

Intel Quad Core Q6600 3.0ghz OC
Corsair 2gb DDR2 RAM
BFG Geforce 8800GT OC2
Windows Vista

Any advice on to how to solve this problem? Running PCSX2 that wants to access the virtual memory seems to work fine as long as i run it under administrator privelages.

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There are hundreds of posts already referring to "Auron look crash"...
Just search...
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