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Final Fantasy VIII epsxe plugin

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Hi everyone.

Where is the epsxe plugin page to attach pocketstation capability?, I can't find it. I need that plugin coz I'm currently playing ff8 on epsxe and there's a part called Chocobo World which needs pocketstation.

Thanks in advance :thumb:
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There isn't one. IIRC there was a seperate Pocketstation emu a while back, but none of the PSEmuPro based emus, Bleem or VGS support it.
what a pain! :(

any idea for solving this? :bow:

thanks again
Hmmm, you can always use the PC version which allows you to play Chocobo World as well.
here's a solution, get a real Pocketstation :p

but for reals, you're kind of screwed...sorry :/
my world starts collapsing :cry:

thx anyway :(
Well...l hope that someone can port that onto the PC as well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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