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Final Fantasy VIII ^_ePSXe_^

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The best game in the series, in my opinion :)
Final Fantsy X (PlayStation 2), maybe better :cool:
Bahamut :cool:
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I'm just curious as to how you get the menu's to show. Whenever I run the game, and this goes for MGS (it won't show the CODEC Numbers), and Final Fantasy VII. When in a battle, the menu's don't show. I think it's because I'm using Lewpy's 3dfx/glide plugin, since I have a 12MB Voodoo 2. Any response to this would be greatly appreciated, well, except the ones that say to get a better vid card... have to save up cash. :D
Those are some good shots... and disregard my previous posts... I figured out the problem with some help. I can't wait to build my own system, then I'll get better screenies... Great shots man!

Alright... thanks for the tips... can't wait to give this game it's true visual demands... too bad about the sound though... but I can't complain too much. Thanks for the tips.

*grumbles to self, "Should have paid more attention to the readme"*

heh... Thanks..
I just tried what you suggested with no success. :( What other settings may help it?

psxyke: Sorry for filling up your post with this, keep posting your screens man... they are amazing!
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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