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Final Fantasy VIII ^_ePSXe_^

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The best game in the series, in my opinion :)
Final Fantsy X (PlayStation 2), maybe better :cool:
Bahamut :cool:
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Originally posted by gouki29
nice screenshots(beat me to the punch...)

i just got the game yesterday it's awesome:D :D
***It is the best :D

what plugings are you using?
***Pete's D3D :)

mine runs fine but slows down right before a battle
***That is normal, it is a little slower with Pete'sOpenGL :(

is it okay to use save states?
***I don't recommend it

i think i heard they cause problems with the movies
***It is true, but only if you use save states :)

random crashes occur when the game is played in full screen mode
:any way to fix that?
***That should not happen :confused:

btw my system specs:

900mhz t bird
128 mb ram
nvidia tnt2 8mb

almost forgot i'm using windows me
1 - 11 of 20 Posts
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