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this is what my bro said about it "FFVII has a better and faster gaming than of FFVIII. you have to Draw magic in order to have good stats. 2nd you wont even use summon magic only Renkohozuken"

well i really do not use magic and summon coz Squalls Limit break hits 7500+ on my game (without Gameshark of course)

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There are pros and contras

Hello everyone.
In my opinion, FFVII and FFVIII has their own advantages towards each other. Both are great games and this is what I think of it.

Why FFVII is better than FFVIII?
Simple battle system, the storyline is better, three optional bosses instead of one (Emmy, Ruby and Ultima), secret characters (Yuffie and Vincent), user friendly materia system, interesting subquests.

Why FFVIII is better than FFVII?
Variety of limit breaks (more interactive), very interesting searching-for-guardian quest (Odin, Cactuar, Eden etc.), easier to level up to maximum, five digit damage (Wham!!), addictive Triple Triad card game, Chocobo subquest (with Pocket Station).

In FFVII, character stats is determined by the game (unless you modified it). In FFVIII, the stats is determined by junctioning magic. The Renzokuken can deal max damage (9999) with a correct junctioning (no GS, no cheating). My conclusion, both are good games in their own way and term. I've already finished FFVII three times and FFVIII twice. And don't forget the FFIX. But I still think FFVI (FF3 in US) has the best storyline.
Thanks. Long live the RPGs.

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actually it depends on the person who's playing you cant say it coz every one has its own opinion in this game

me? i like Tales of Destiny 2 :D :D :D :D (this is the game that made me involved in rpg)

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i remember those days when everyone's hating on ff8 but now everyone seems to think its the best one, except for some minor fews.. i think after u play it, over time u remember it and say, "damn, that's a good game" but during your gameplay its not much, because we compare games with the best games we ever played thats why we give it such a low rating

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I think that FF7 is the best

I haven't played FF9 yet but i have finished ff8,yeah it has better graphics and videos,it has some great moments (while the 2 Gardians are battling or when Rinoa is in space) BUT as i haven't finished ff7 (due to some problems,formats,etc) i gave it one more shot and i couldn't stop playing it.It's tha best ff (except off ff9 which i haven't played it yet and the upcoming ff10) and has better storyline than ff8.It's now my favourite ff (while in the past ff8 was my best ff game).

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I'll split this into 2 generations

FF 6 was techincally the best from the 16bit era. It employed more special effects than the previous 2 titles, and had no centralized character and the quest was non-linear after passing the floating continent stage. However I preferred Final Fantasy 4 a little more because the story focused around a central character. FF5 I completely disliked.

In the 32bit era, I really liked Final Fantasy 8 the most. It was a major departure from the series, the characters were more life-like, and it had a very serious tone to the game. FF 9 is a close second, the graphics are great, and is much more upbeat incomparison. FF 7 almost completely droped the ball towards the end.

Overall, I would say Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite FF game so far.

the order of things

1) FF 8
2) FF 9
3) FF 4
4) FF 6
5) FF 7
6) FF 5

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I thought FF VII was cool. It was the first ever 3D final fantasy so it made quite an impression on me. I liked the simple, anime-style characters and the simple battle and materia system. FF VIII was more like a science fiction game than anything else. I didn't really like it; the battles were boring, summons too long, and it was horribly unbalanced (infinite limit breaks; Renzokuken + Lionheart anyone?). The realistic characters also didn't appeal to me. FF IX was much better but I hated the deformed look of the characters. The battles were somewhat slow-paced as well. And I don't know about anyone else, but I thought FF3 (Jap) was really good, and I'm among the small population of FF players who like FF5. I like old-school Final Fantasy games, with a medieval theme (where the only technological thing are airships), definite character classes and simple magic and summon effects. Nowadays it's too much focused on graphics and FMVs.

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Originally posted by dpence
3) FFVIII (I just can't get into it, it's to boring)
FFVIII boring? I really think the boring FF is the FFIX, here´s my report: :p

FFIV = The best Storyline of the FF games
FFVII= The must Funny FF game and a simple battle system
FFIX = Great Graphics and sound
FFVIII = THE BEST FINAL FANTASY GAME EVER, Think on it, It have a great history line, but not as FFIV but is great, it have great graphics least than FFIX but is great, have a great music, middle simple battle system great limit breaks, etc...


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I have to agree with Mr omega....

although FFIX is the latest one for PSx, it doesn't have aas good graphics as FFVIII, and it is not because they are bad, but becaise they are more sd (super deformer) stylysh, and FFVIII are more virtual (more human affined).....

FFVII is a really good game, but its sound and music is lousy, and there is no real difference between characters.... maybe we have to wait for a remake and then it will be my #1

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this is my opinon:
FF7 and FF8 the best coz it's more toward adult,
FF9 to me suck big time, after I play FF8, coz it went right back to kiddy style, and I can't stand it.
I'm waiting for FFX to come out, it look so cool, but that mean I need to get a ps2, ARRGGGGGGHHHHH, *get a job you bum*

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In my opinion...

FF7: THE BEST FF game: awesome storyline, easiest to learn to play, and had the best themes
FF8: great game but needed more originality
FF9: not bad, but suited more for little kids...I thought it needed more interesting material for teens and adults and maybe a slightly more challenging optional boss.

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OK here is my vote.

FF6: Best plot, and BY VERY FAR best music. Nothing else even comes close to touching FF6's music IMO. Was listening to the ending theme last night on the OST, and its just unbelievable, incredible, my GF said she wanted to choreograph a ballet to it (At least the character themes part).


2) FF8
Personally I loved this one, one of my fav parts was the ability to control critical strikes with squall.

3) FF4
First FF I ever played, at first I hated it, didn't understand it, but once I beat that damn mist dragon (you know, the first boss) I couldn't put the thing down. I was just in shock and so happy when everyone came together to fight the tower of babel too.

4) FF7/9
Only have played each of them once, I liked some things about FFF7 and somethings about FF9 better, still, can't decide til I play either of them more.
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