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For whatever reason, I get this strange slowdown during the experience screen after battle. It FPS reads 59.9, but it's obviously not going that fast bake the music slows way done as does the experience bar itself.

The the rest of the game, however, runs perfectly fine. Also, I've tried life five different plug-ins (both of pete's, P.E.Op.S, et cetera) and they all have the same problem: game runs completely fine battle swirls, spells/limits, CGs, but get this awful slowdown at that screen. I've also tried a bunch of other games (specifically other Square 3D games) and they all run perfectly fine.

The thing is, about a week ago my old graphics card fried. Actually, the power cable wiggeled itself loose somehow and then melted itself to the side of the board. :eyemove: :lol: It was an ATI card. I've always used ATI cards. But, when I went to go buy a new one there was a G-Force FX 5500 on sale so I picked it up. (The odd thing is the box said it was 128mb, but both the bios and windows say it's 256 :guitar: ) Thing is, I've never used an nVidia card before so I wonder if there's a setting some place that might be the problem--the odd nature of the problem made me think it was a external problem.

I've browsed through the boards and tried various different settings posted on the boards here (when it comes to this game, there are plenty!) and all have the exact same result.

So I was wondering if anyone else experience the problem, or if anyone had any ideas as to how I might go about fixing it.

And before anyone asks (I know someone will), my other specks are:

2.6G P4
1Gig Ram
10,000rpm HD So obviously they're not the problem.

And, yes, I did download and install the newest drivers the minute I put the card in.

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occasionally this is a game problem. the game itself slows down. otherwise, it can be an emulator problem, you can try ePSXe 1.5.2 if you arent already, or PSXeven, SSSPSX, etc. ePSXe 1.6.0 does have known timing issues.
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