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Recently, I’m trying to play Final Fantasy VI on ePSXe 1.4.0 but I experienced some problem maybe u guys have some solutions for me:

1. Slow MDEC problem, when it comes to play a movie, the FPS dropped and it’s really dumb slow.
2. Slow In-battle situation, I experienced this when I’m in battle and when the battle menu appear, it’s a dumb slow too…
3. Overwritten text everywhere, mm…this means…the texts collide with the text from the former conversation.

I’m running ePSXe on 333-Mhz Celeron, 128 MB SDRAM, Sony 48x and Nvidia RiVA TNT II 32 MB…and I’m using Internal SPU along with TSG Mscdex CD-Rom Drive.
Other than those problems, nothing important. The gameplay almost flawless considering my “lousy” system…
PS: Is anybody here can play ePSXe well on lower spec than 333?
My Video Config for FF-VI:
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