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Final Fantasy Unlimited!!!!

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Hey guys, I just watched the first episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited, you know the new anime Square is making, and itss awesome, highly recommend it. Now since I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY tired, I am going to sleep now
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well, since I live here in Colombia, ffu won't come until "FF unlimited was yet limited" is released there....

good night man!!!!
Wheras in my case FFXI will be out beforehand.:eyes:
GK, I live in massachussetts
Originally posted by Enigma1982
Isn't game,is it ???
No, it's a new anime series with 52 episodes.
Originally posted by Ryos
No, it's a new anime series with 52 episodes.
52 episodes, WOW, didn't know they announced that part, only the first 4 are out now, as far as I know. does appear like they're making a game series based on Final Fantasy Unlimited. I guess Enigma was right, sort of.

"A new Square anime series, Final Fantasy Unlimited, began airing in Japan on October 2nd. Akitoshi Kawazu, the director of the SaGa series, who was also involved in the making of the original Final Fantasy, developed the initial concept for the series. The show takes place in a parallel world and "leans towards game creation." In shock and surprise, I asked Mr. Sakaguchi to clarify; was he indicating that a new game is in the works, based on Final Fantasy Unlimited? Not just a game but a game series, he replied. Currently they weren’t sure if the game series would be called Final Fantasy Unlimited. The game is still in the development stages, and no console system has been decided on officially. Akitoshi Kawazu would be the director for this new series, however"
Does somebody know the the Story or Type of Characteres witch will apear ?
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